Father Involvement

The Father Involvement Program

The program recognizes the importance of fatherhood and the extreme need for services to be provided specifically for fathers.

Fatherhood Involvement Program

The Extreme Need of Services for Fathers

Based on this Notion, the Father Involvement Program developed its mission to provide the skills and support needed for fathers to establish and maintain positive, ongoing relationship with their children. The goals of this program are to (1) positively engage fathers in their children’s lives, (2) help fathers become aware of the important role they play in their children’s emotional, developmental and educational well being and (3) assist fathers in seeking opportunities to gain the tools and/or skills needed to meet their own basic needs in order to provide for their children.

Fatherhood Programs

Here are a select number of programs we currently offer for fathers.

A 12-Week Program

Designed to provide fathers with experiences that will lead to a more rewarding relationship with their children.

Child Development

Child Development education, employment assistance, job readiness skills.


Arrearage Adjustment Program

Arrearage Adjustment Program is available to men with an arrearage owed to the state of Connecticut.

Voluntary Paternity Establishment Testing

Voluntary Paternity Establishment testing is available at Family Strides, Inc.